Tuesday, 22 April 2014



I hope you all had an amazing Easter!!

After running the marathon I had a lovely amount of time off work, to relax and get my muscles back to normal. Tomorrow is my first day back which I'm in two minds about. Although being off work has felt amazing I am a little bit bored now and feel like I need to get out the house, need to see some peoples faces and have a laugh. On the other hand waking up and not having to rush around the house getting ready and being able to spend time in my lovely new home still feels better.

Oh to be part time, would be amazing to do half a day so I could get out the house for a bit but spend my day chilling and doing stuff at home! I envy you guys working 9-1's and the 10-2's!!

Whilst on holiday I have found myself watching a lot of TV... yes I know **BORING** I could of definitely spend my holiday doing better things. I can't help but mention an advert that comes on the TV that I really do not understand. Both me and my boyfriend watch it over n over and can't work it out!

It's the Money Supermarket advert, where Phil saved £304 on his car insurance and because of that he feels 'EPIC'. Don't get me wrong it's a very catchy advert and it has clearly caught my attention, but when he pulls away and 'drives' down the road in no car, the only message that is passed to me is that he saves money on his insurance because he doesn't buy a car. If someone was to ask me to explain what Money Supermarket do, I would have to say... convinced me not to buy a car :) £304 is a week n half of work for me.

Thanks to Money Supermarket I saved £1000 for not buying a car. I'm sure in 3 months time I will have changed my mind on that, not having a car for the last 4 months has been horrible.

If anyone would like to voice their opinions on that advert, I'd love to hear it and see another point of view on the advert. So please comment :)

Have a nice day

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