Monday, 5 May 2014


I Just Don't get it...

Why do all us girls (some guys too) think we look good pouting in pictures, I know I'm as bad as some for doing it. I looked through my pictures and nearly every other one was a pout! Its not a good look!

Maybe in our heads with think, my lips will look sexier and more appealing to kiss or my cheek bones will look amazing... we are all wrong! If anything its screws up our lips making them look like a 70 years old mouth. Ok some people have the perfect lips to pout but lets face it, pouting isn't going to make us look like we are sexy like the ones we all see... the photoshop ones.. we all looks like ducks! Smiling is alot more attractive!

Fair enough we all like to pose and have fun taking picture with our freinds, having a joke around. Its the #selfies we all take at home on our own when we've just applied our make up (so we know we look hot for the 68 pictures we're about to take)

Ok my rant is over but I think we should all start smiling :D

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