Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dear Dad

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

4years since I last spoke to you,
"It's not my responsibility, it's yours too"
I cried so many tears for you recently, just thinking about when it might be...
Will I turn a corner and you'll be there, as I glance at you and you hold a stare.
Don't be silly, I think to myself.

I don't live where I once lived,
I've moved on with my life and unfortunately you have missed...
The city is lovely, you've probably been here, it's could of been when I was there standing close, near.
Don't be silly, I think to myself.

I saw a picture of you today,
For a moment you looked just like Ray!
I do miss you I hope you remember that, but let's be honest here.. You have been a twat!
You hurt me bad back then, but now the years have gone by, we're all growing up now, maybe it's time to say "hi"
Don't be silly, I think to myself

I was your princess, and you was the king... Your job to say yes to "Can I give her this ring?"
I remember you said, I won't be at your big day... It broke my heart and pushed me further away.
Your my father your meant to be there...
Silence, and you gave me a stare
Don't be silly, I think to myself

One day I will ring you and you will answer the phone.. I will say "hi dad, it's your daughter Simone"
"I missed you so much" I know you will say.. Then pick your phone up and call me today!
"It's not my responsibility, it's yours too" this replays in my head when I think of you.
Maybe one day,  I always think to myself...

Love Simone

I know this poem has no pattern and doesn't read well. I didn't pass English until I got to collage,  it wasn't a lesson learning about how to write a poem though!
This was more of a poem to let out my feelings. Over the past few months dreams have been popping up where I bump into my dad, I'm the dream he doesn't know who I am and ignore me.
I do often wonder if he would recognise me if I pass him now.

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