Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Dear Princess Dotty

Dear Princess Dotty 

You're 6 days over due. Time seems to have flown by! Although now it's beginning to drag now.
I remember telling your Nanna Colette I was pregnant (daddy will have to tell you stories of how he told Nanna Bev). I took her out to a tea room for tea and scones in Writtle (a lovely little place) that morning I had told her I hurt myself running and that this time it was to close to the date of the marathon. There was 3 weeks till Marathon day and 8weeks till I originally wanted to tell her (you was going to be mine and daddy's secret for 12 weeks) I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep it up! So I confessed, told her I hadn't hurt myself, her face dropped and she looked like she wanted to cry, she looked confused, couldn't understand why I would lie to her. Before she could say anything to me I was already in tears (of happiness) and blurted it out, I've never seen a expression change so quickly! A smile grew and I could see the excitement in her eyes. 

At 12weeks we got to see you for the first time and it was incredible! Although I worked myself up a little and was on the verge of a panic attack before we had left the flat. It was the not knowing. This was the first time I would see you and for the first time I would know you was ok. When I saw you. I couldn't help but smile, seeing that little heart beat of yours on the screen was amazing. I think Daddy was secretly trying not to cry (don't tell him I told you that!) 

Since then I have counted down the weeks till you're here, till I can hold you for the first time and see your little face. There has been days where you have worried me, days that you have put a smile upon my face, given me sleepless night and now aches an pain in places I didn't know you could get them! I'm sure daddy would mention my mood swings and how every night I become a grump, moaning about everything possible. He would mention the times I would cry for no reason and how much of a drama queen I have been in the last few weeks. 

Already you are something so precious to daddy and I. We can't explain our love for you, a love that is only going to grow deeper. 

Feel free to show any day now! Everyone is getting impatient and wants to see your little face. 

Lots of love 

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