Monday, 6 July 2015

Like a child at Christmas!

I think I've found the one!

As a new mummy I needed a new changing bag. I already have one that matches the pram but after using it for a few weeks, i've decided its to small and doesn't have enough compartments to keep things organised.

I never realised how expensive changing bags were until shopping for one, I guess I've gotten used to cheap high street clothes, accessories and bags. One thing I should be used to is variety, we all know how many different kinds of bags but for some reason I was shocked at the variety of changing bags you can buy. Obviously this caused a problem when choosing one, was I to get one that both my partner and I could use or a really girlie one that he wouldn't want to be see carrying. Finally after a week of searching I have found one and I'm in love with it, its from the make Lassig.

My partner told me I was like a child at Christmas when I was emptying out the old changing bag and organising it into the new. It is the perfect back though! 

The travel changing mat had a zip away compartment at the bottom of the back which is easy for you to locate when needed and perfectly hidden when it's not in use. 

Inside the bag there two pockets, one for nappies and the other for wipes. The wipes pocket has an opening on the front so you don't need to remove them from your bag. On the opposite side there's and easy wipe pocket, that's great for wet or dirty clothes in, you can zip them away and wipe once you're home. 

The bag also includes a bottle insulater and a smaller baby, that's perfect to put all my belongings in making it easy to locate my keys, purse and phone. 

Not only does this bag have all these great features but it's also huge inside, so I can fill in full of everything I need for a day out, perfect! 

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