Tuesday, 28 July 2015

So little time!

So today I woke up to the chatter of Princess Dotty (this happens most mornings now, it melts my heart everytime). So the morning started off good. The day still is good, I'm currently on the sofa with my Princess sleeping on my lap. 
Earlier there was a 20min period where the flat was irritating me. I had washing all over the place, sides full of washing up and a pile of paperwork that been there since before PD was born. 
I know everyone tells you to forget the house work for a while, that can be done another day and forget all the things that need doing, they can wait. There comes a time when you just want to do clear it. 

Fortunately PD fell asleep and I was able to go through the massive pile of paperwork!!
I've still got house work to do but that can wait now, just doing one little bit made me feel so much better! Plus someone woke up just as I was finishing the first job (perfect timing!). I couldn't resist a cuddle as she was chatting away to herself.
It's the first time in a long while I've got irritated, I almost felt claustrophobic as if the place was to cluttered. There's just so much to do and such little time to squeeze it in!
I've now decided to write a list of what needs to be done, I can slowly tick things off as and when I do them :) 

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