Thursday, 30 July 2015

Princess Dotty- 8weeks

Times gone so quickly! 

You're 8weeks old today and you weigh 11lbs 8oz. Up unless about 4pm you had been as good as gold, I went to the shops and left you and Daddy at home, it was his first time being alone with you. When I had got back I found out you had been a bit of a monkey and not done much sleeping! And from then on the rest of the day was tough. 
It's now 10.45pm and I have only just managed to put you down to sleep, you must be shattered because you haven't had enough sleep today. 
 You've changed so much since you were born and I know you will continue to change as time goes on. 
You can hold your own head, and your legs are extremely strong too. Every morning Daddy and I are woken up by your cooing, you like little chats and often have then with us. You're definitely a cheeky monkey, when/if you have a night feed(Some nights you've gone without I ne) you look into my eyes and smile as if you're telling me you're ready for play time, but mummy is extremely tired and wants to go back to bed. Although I can't help but smile back at you. 
Your charactor is blossoming, I'm now starting to learn what you do and don't like, what to do to make you smile. How you sound when you want a feed and when you're tired. It's becoming normal now that every morning you wake up all smiles and we often have a 10min chat, then you get bored and we have to find something else to entertain you. 
One Tuesday (5days time) you have you first jabs, I must say I'm a little nervous! I can already guess you're not going to like it one bit, hearing you cry because something's hurting you is going to be hard, but I'll make sure I give you the biggest cuddle after! 
I love you so much Princess 
To the moon and back


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