Monday, 12 October 2015

Princess Dotty - 4months +

Dear My Growing Princess

In a blink of an eye you're just over 4months old. For the past couple of days we have both had colds and feeling sorry for ourselves.
Daddy is currently on holiday in Benidorm so we have spent the last two nights at Nanna and Grandpa's house. You was a bit of a pickle last night, you didn't want to sleep and when you finally did your little cough would wake you.

We will be back at Nanna's next week as it's my birthday and Daddy doesn't want me to be alone when I wake up (he will be flying back in the early hours). It's been very strange without Daddy coming home each night and I know you have missed him just as much as I have 💜

Daddy is going to say to you.. 'wow you're so big' because in the last couple of days you've become so chunky, I try to lift you off the floor and have a put extra effort in.

I've started seeing the beginnings of a lovely little personality in you now too. You are easy to make smile but we have a fight on our hands to make you giggle, it has to really catch your attention or be a bit strange to make you giggle. I've found myself jumping round the room making animal noises, blowing raspberries on your belly and playing peekaboo with you but still only cracked a laugh once or twice.

You are so strong on your legs, as soon as you find your balance you'll be walking (scary thought... I will need to childproof everything!!) You hate tummy time, we have managed  couple minutes but it all ends in screams. You like to sit up and can hold yourself now for a couple of minutes beforw losing your balance and slowly slide towards the floor (this is rather amusing to watch)

We have started giving you a little baby rice now, you've also tasted carrot and banana which you seem to like. I think grandpa let you secrerly suck on a custard cream yesterday, I will blame him when you become a cookie monster! They say its best to wait till babies are 6months before starting to wean, milk just doesn't seem to satisfy you though. So everyday you have some rice in the morning and a little fruit in the day, this little bit extra seems to suit you perfectly.

I am so proud of you and I love you so much
To the moon and back

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