Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Look Up and Create Memories

Its really sad to read something and realise it applies to you. I saw the quote below and realised I spend along time on my phone.
Not only do I miss my parents for spending to long on my phone, but also my grandparents, partner, daughter and friends.
If you see me, I'm often head down on my phone which thinking about it is really sad to see. Just sitting here typing it hits me that every night when my partner comes home and chills for the evening we both sit with our phones in hand. We miss quality time with each other because we have a habit of scrolling through our phones.
Most of my day is filled with entertaining my daughter which I love but this quote did make me think about her. I use my phone so much that I could be missing her grow and learn, one day I'll look up from my phone and see my 4 month old has turned 3 years old. 
My parents are just as bad as me when it comes to phones and ipads. I will often visit or go to dinner with them and we will all be silent, 'liking' each others statuses of being together in a restaurant.

My grandparents are really old now. The other day it hit me how old they really are, their time now is so so precious. I have some lovely memories with my nanna and grandad, I'm so fortunate to still have them around but I shouldn't be wasting time staring at my phone scrolling aimlessly through Facebook whilst I could be creating more memories. 
I sat a watched my grandad give my daughter a cuddle and it was beautiful, yes I picked up my phone and I took a photo so I could share my memory but after I put my phone down and continued to watch, my daughter look into her great grandads eyes he looked back into hers and they shared a smile. 

We live in the 21st century and I know phones, computers, TV and tablets are a big part of life now. I use my phone for a lot of blogging and photo taking and that's important to me, I love capturing moments and writing things that I might forget but, there's a time and a place to sit and scroll. Its time to learn when its right for me to use my phone and when to focus on my family and friends.

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