Tuesday, 25 August 2015


During my pregnancy I always felt uncomfortable thinking about breastfeeding, I know its natural and that's what our boobs are there for but the thought of my baby being latched onto my nipple didn't sound nice. Despite my thoughts I have always said I would give it a go, breastmilk is best for my child. I had to think, if I am capable of breastfeeding what right do I have denying my daughter that milk... its made for her after all. Some may believe I do have a right to decide but all I can say is, my daughters start to life is more important than my thoughts.

Breastfeeding is hard! For the first 3 weeks your nipples burn, so much so that you dread the next feed. You want to cry just before the next feed because you know it's going to hurt, yet the pain is worth it because your little baby is getting the best. Yes in some ways breasfeeding is easier yet its not at the same time, you don't have to make up bottles but you can't share the feed so it's extremely tiring being up all day and all night. I understand why a lot of mothers decide to use formula, it is extremely difficult.

Only recently have I actually enjoyed feeding. It no longer hurts and I can confidently get my daughter to latch on. Yet the thought of feeding in public still makes me a little anxious. I feel like people are staring at me or muttering something to their friends. The more I feed in public the easier it has become, the people I thought were staring and talking about me are actually finding it lovely what I do, I just need to remember to look up and smile and they would smile back at me.
Feeding my little girl has become a special moment, a time we get to spend together. I'm so happy that I gave it a go and pushed through the hard weeks. I feel for all those that would love to but are unable to because it is such a beautiful thing.


  1. All three of mine have had breastmilk. Freya was fed expressed milk for four weeks as she was too early to latch properly. Eva fed for 6months and I felt so insecure about feeding in public and used a shawl for the first half. When Elsa came along I had no issues with whipping it out but unfortunately our breastfeeding journey came to an end after 9 weeks due to a tongue tie that was undiagnosed until four months

    1. My feeding days have just come to an end, I didn't think I would be but I was devastated. Feeding from a bottle now makes me happier to go out. Hopefully like you, if I have more children i'll be confident to whip it out

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