Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Princess Dotty- Immunisations

Today you got your 8 week jabs. I must say I felt really mean, whilst I walked you in I was talking to you and you was smiling away back at me! You had no clue what was about to happen (which is a good thing really!) 
We went to see the doctor first and he was really happy with you, no problems so far. 
Then we went into see the nurses. Your first was a medicine, which was extremely funny to watch you taste. Your lips turned out and your whole body shivered as if you just had something really sour (although this was meant to be sweet). Next was your jabs, one in each thigh, fortunately there was 2 nurse which meant they could do them at same time. I watched and you flinched and a ear piercing cry 5 seconds later. 

You was such a brave girl, as soon as it was over I gave you a big cuddle. The only thing that comforted you though  was your dummy, that soon sent you off to sleep. 

Since your injections you have had a few cries (which I expected) and slept extremely well. You have a fever which I've given you some medicine for (that was sweet too, you decided to spit that all out! Maybe your like daddy and dislike sweet things) 
You're fast asleep in your cot now and I can't sleep, I laying awake just wanting to give you a cuddle and make the horrible fever go away. You did so well today! 
Now your first lot of immunisations are done it means you can go swimming *yay* I'm so excited! You seem to like bath time to let's hope you like the swimming pool just as much, if not more. 

I love you
To the moon and back

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