Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Second Best Buy!

Busy busy!

I haven't written for a week or two. Time seems to of just flown past and I've hardly had time to sit down and enjoy a little me time recently. I think with Princess teething it's made it very difficult, understandably she's become very clingy, wanting to be held and rocked all day.
Last week she had a good week, she was beginning to get settled again then the drooling and the rosie cheeks were back.

When I can get her to play it's brilliant, she really enjoys herself but for very short periods of time. I've noticed she hates laying down front or back. She wants to be in on what's going on. So sitting her up on my knee it is. The sling I have is perfect for when she tired I can tie her in and have both hands free to get on with things. But when it's a warm day or if she wants to look around, it's not so great!
I then remember a little seat my cousin had when her children were young. On to eBay I went and found myself a mamas and papas baby snug! I have to say it's the second best thing I have decided to purchase. Not only does she enjoy sitting in it and able to see everything going on, I can get so much done. What would normally take me all day or sometimes 3 days, has taken me half hour.
I managed to
-put some clothes on (yep, I just got out the shower and Princess needed me.. so other than underwear, clothes were out the question)
-put the TV on (surprisingly this took 10minutes, I'm looking after the dog at my parents, everything is so different to home)
- run water for washing up
-pulled the washing in
-put the washing out
-put a new load of washing on
-made a coffee

Ok it sounds like a really small list but for me, that's the most jobs I've managed to do in half hour for 11 weeks!

I know everyone says you can do the cleaning another day, but if you go by that saying then when does another day come... It doesn't. It just mounts up, to the point  you become irritable because you can't me a sandwich without putting your hand it spilt ketchup and having 6 days worth of washing up around you.

I can now clean up in the morning and have the rest of the day stress free playing and having cuddles. Perfect! (I never thought I would get so exciting over being able to do house work!!)

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