Thursday, 27 August 2015

Princess Road Trip

Last week I went up to visit my in laws. It was lovely to see everyone, they all loved seeing Princess Dotty and couldn't believe how big she's gotten. Just because we live far apart doesn't mean they should miss out on our princess growing up! Before I gave birth I always said I would visit even if my partner couldn't get time off work, it's only fair for PD to see all her family.

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. A journey that was meant to take 2.45mins  took 4 hours! I had a screaming, teething Princess in the back of the car meaning I had to stop twice. Other than that the journey was good.  My MIL made me a roll as soon as I got there, I hadn't eaten since breakfast and it wad already 1.50pm.
Considering I don't see my in laws all that often I feel so comfortable  in their company, I feel like I can be myself around them and not have to try to impress them.

It was  a nice chilled evening and I was hoping Princess would show off how well she sleeps at night, she didn't! Fortunately no one was woken by her and I could settle her reasonably quick. This went for the next night too, I can only guess it was because she was teething and it kept waking her up.

Thursday we went to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. There was great little play area for children in the centre and a café so you can get lunch.  It's only a small place but makes a great day out especially when they had a little crafts room. You could make clay pots, sweet necklaces, marzipan lollies and decorate biscuits. Once Princess is older this will definitely be a place I would go again!

It was only a short stay, Friday came and it was time to go home but before I did I went to Waitrose Café  with my MIL to meet her friend. Another new person for Princess to be introduced to, she's a very popular little girl and she's only 3months old. I had a really yummy gluten free cookie whilst I was there which I kept the packaging to. I want to see if I can get more, I haven't tasted a cookie that moist and tasty for a long while.

It was a lovely 3 days away and even though I wasn't nervous about going up alone, I was nervous about the drive as it was the first long one in my own with Princess on board but  I feel even more confident to go up again now.

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